11 January 2018

515 West 18th Street in New York revealed

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Heatherwick Studio’s design for a new residential project in Chelsea, New York was revealed today. The two-tower development, linked together beneath the High Line, offers a reinvention of the area’s characteristic warehouse building style. 

Thomas Heatherwick, Founder of Heatherwick Studio, said:

“With a site crossing both sides of the High Line there was a unique opportunity to celebrate the urban texture of the elevated park and the distinct character of the Chelsea neighbourhood.

The studio wanted to create a new kind of panoramic visual connection for the building’s residents and re-conceived the residential bay window as a three-dimensional sculpted piece of glazing that provides light-filled interiors as well as exciting internal moments.

At the smallest scale the raw brick exterior, influenced by Chelsea’s heritage of industrial brick buildings, will give a handmade feel and micro texture to the facade. At the largest scale, the use of the three-dimensional windows will add another distinctive layer of textural character to the fabric of the city.”