29 June 2023

“Building Soulfulness” opens at Culture Station Seoul 284 in South Korea

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Heatherwick Studio’s “Building Soulfulness” exhibition opens today in Seoul at the historical Culture Station Seoul 284. Curated by Mami Kataoka in collaboration with Jiyoon Lee, and co-organised by SUUM Project with the Mori Art Museum, the exhibition will showcase the studio’s iconic designs and will contain sections and models reflecting the studio’s emerging relationship with Korea. 

Thomas Heatherwick said:

“It’s an honour to show my studio’s work in Seoul – an extraordinary city that has inspired me so much with its ambitious ideas and deep historical culture.

My hope is that this major exhibition will empower visitors to look at the world that surrounds us and think even more about what we do and don’t want to happen.

It’s so exciting to imagine the future possibilities of bringing Korea’s tradition and modernity even closer together in the public-facing buildings and spaces of the city.”

The Seoul show features models of the studio’s buildings across the globe as well as a full-scale model of Airo, the car that cleans the air as it drives and a selection of spun chairs for everyone to enjoy as part of the experience. A model of ‘Soundscape’ – the recently revealed vision for the regeneration of Seoul’s Nodeul Island, inspired by Korea’s rich musical heritage, will also be on display.

Two new sections have been added to the show in Seoul. One focusing on Little Island exhibits models, videos, projections, and banners and takes visitors on a design journey of New York’s newest public park. The final section, Humanise, invites visitors to consider how cities make them feel and we can all work towards building a more joyful, engaging, and genuinely human world.

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Photo credit: Yoo chan wool