11 September 2020

Heatherwick Studio unveils modular desk for Connected

Heatherwick-Stem-Connected_biophilia Heatherwick-Stem-Connected_biophilia

The onset of Covid-19 has significantly changed the way people live, interact and work. Over the past three months, along with eight other designers, Heatherwick Studio have taken part in an experiment which explored how designers and craftspeople could adapt their working practices during lockdown in order to create together.

The American Hardwood Export Council, Benchmark Furniture and the Design Museum set forth a challenge to create a table and chair out of sustainable American hardwood which is ideally suited for home living and working.

Heatherwick Studio’s Stem celebrates the power of biophilia by incorporating planting into curved CNC-machined American maple legs, clamped to a glass tabletop. After spending 3 months at the same desk using video conferencing to communicate, the studio craved nature and began to see the space around them as a mini television studio – what is behind you and around you is now being seen by the world.

More information about Stem available on Dezeen.

A full display of the nine Connected tables opens today at the Design Museum, London, until 11 October 2020.