2 July 2021

Heatherwick Studio unveils shortlisted concept for Hubei Urban Renewal Project

heatherwick hubei tower 16337 heatherwick hubei tower 16337

Heatherwick Studio is proud to have been one of seven shortlisted entries for the Hubei Urban Renewal Project. The competition called for a masterplan concept and a 500m tall office tower with basement retail and a car park.

Our vision was to create a scheme that would weave together the charm and history of a 500-year old village with a new 500m tower and public realm, making a distinctive new heart for Hubei. One that is firmly rooted in its history whilst shaping a confident future.

As a studio, we prioritise projects that put people at the heart. Our approach to this project was guided by our ambition to create a tower and masterplan with a unique and memorable identity through its visual iconography and as an outstanding office building.

The 500m tower feels like it emerges from the landscape, with its surrounding public realm combining work, art, leisure, and retail. Indoor and outdoor spaces range from urban plazas and open performance spaces to quiet, contemplative moments of nature.