3 February 2021

Heatherwick Studio unveils shortlisted proposal for Renazca competition in Madrid

Heatherwick Studio is proud to have been one of the finalists shortlisted for Renazca in Madrid. 

How could we bring unity and harmony to an outdated and disconnected series of urban spaces that lacked character and clarity and create a new green space for the city?

Our scheme proposed creating a new green heart for the city of Madrid. We planned to achieve this by reactivating the unloved and underused urban space by defining a ‘Ring’ of active space and a ‘Star’ of nature to create a bold and distinctive identity for the district.

The park is framed with a Paseo punctuated by a series of ‘outdoor rooms’ for year-round activities. A light and flexible timber pergola connects the rooms offering shade and greenery for comfort whilst solar panels generate energy.

Each of the outdoor spaces has a specific character and function which relates to an overall strategy to reactivate the site: RE-unite, RE-veal, RE-fresh, RE-frame, RE-work, RE-play, RE-think, RE-discover and RE-charge.

A strong and respectful sustainability agenda was key to our design process which led us to radically increase the amount of nature and greenery whilst also preserving the existing trees. We also incorporated rainwater harvesting and celebrated the presence of water through a star of water that articulates the circulation in the park and invites people in from each of the perimeter access points.

A dynamic year-round programme of events shaped the concept for each of the spaces and allowed us to create an active and inclusive landscape for the community and neighbourhood so that the district would provide a platform for participation with dynamic programming around the year that could adapt to different patterns of use and nurture creativity and engagement.

Designed as a new benchmark for sustainable urban transformation, the park was designed to have exceptional year-round outdoor comfort and appeal whilst being sensitive to the climate conditions in Madrid and using a landscape proposal that will thrive even in the intense peak of summer heat without overuse of watering. Underpinning our whole proposal was an outstanding sustainability agenda, so rather than using more resources our goal was to transform the existing buildings whilst creating a special place with new heart.




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