8 October 2019

Heatherwick Studio’s first residential project in United States named

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The name for the studio’s first residential building in the United States has been revealed.

Lantern House, developed by Related Companies, features two towers – one 10 storeys, the other 21 storeys – connected by a glass lobby under the High Line. The façade is a contemporary take on historical styles seen in in the neighbourhood, with textured grids of bay windows and hand-laid antiqued grey brickwork with industrial metal detailing.

Thomas Heatherwick, Founder of Heatherwick Studio, said:

“Lantern House is the studio’s first residential project in New York, so we’re excited for people to now see it turning into reality.

The design came from looking at the city’s existing buildings and thinking about which ones you might want to live in, not just look at. It seemed to us that practical, crafted, human-scale details such as shades, mullions, and window sills might have a role to play again in making homes feel comfortable and inviting.

Our design for Lantern House, with its distinctive new bay windows, emerged from this thinking and from wondering what could make the interior experience as special as possible for residents. These special three-dimensionally-sculpted windows will allow the building’s residents to have light-filled interiors plus exciting new panoramic views and new visual connections to the city beyond.”