Nodeul Island

Nodeul Island will be Heatherwick studio’s first project in South Korea to go into construction.

Azabudai Hills

Heatherwick Studio designs its first district in Japan.


An art museum created by hollowing out the inside of a historic grain silo building.

The Fosun Foundation

A Shanghai arts centre with a moving veil, which adapts to the changing use of the building.


A kinetic glasshouse with ten steel sepals that take four long minutes to open, housing a collection of sub-tropical plants.

The Tree of Trees

A living sculpture, 70 foot high, made of reclaimed surplus steel, holding 350 saplings, designed to inspire the next generation of tree planters.


An electric car that cleans the air as it drives
and turns into a room.

Bay View

The first campus built by Google, a workplace driven by human-centred design and powered by carbon-free energy 90% of the time.


A hand-finished, precision-engineered table that can adapt to different spaces and needs.